How To Stop Eating When Negative Emotions Are Taking Over You

How To Stop Eating When Negative Emotions Are Taking Over You

As with anything, it’s important to get to the root cause of a problem to fully understand it. Only then can you begin to put it right.

Emotional eating is no different… It may come as a real surprise to you but emotional eating is a symptom of imbalances which actually have NOTHING to do with food at all! So instead of focusing your efforts on trying not to eat too much crap, why not focus on actually OVEREATING all the healthy foods you can think of!

You see, eating processed food only causes you to feel weak, bloated, angry, and uncomfortable. Do you feel like that?

The fact is, both our body and brain are getting physically addicted to all the processed flour, salt, grains, low-quality oils, chemical food additives and colorings in that type of food. Even casein, which is a naturally occurring protein substance in dairy products has been proven to be highly addictive. Just minutes after you eat a dairy-based food, the casein protein begins to break down. This releases drug-like casomorphins, which attach to receptors in the brain, and can cause severe addictions to dairy products. That makes things even worse, as now we have TWO addictions to deal with: Emotional and Physical.

So when you are not really hungry, but you REALLY want to eat your favorite chocolate, cookie, chips, ice creams or whatever your favorite thing is…Is it physical addiction to the food or other issues?

It all starts from our thinking and how we make our decisions. For example, how do you choose what to eat on a daily basis? Do you pick it up because it has a fancy colorful package? Or because it says “healthy”, “slim” or “fit” on it? Or maybe your choice is governed by the fact that it’s easy and quick to prepare? At the end of the day, no one else can put food into your cupboards and fridge other than you. So when you go shopping for your food make sure you focus on how you want to FEEL after having eaten it. Be prepared, make a shopping list and a great tip is to try and have a healthy meal BEFORE you go shopping, so you are not making your decisions on an empty stomach. Believe me, I’ve done it so many times and not only has my shopping been less healthy in general, but I’ve also ended up spending way more than I needed on too much food that in the end just got wasted! When you decide to make conscious choices about your food based on how you want to feel and look after eating it- everything will start to shift.

Also try to schedule your grocery-shopping day or even have it delivered to your doorstep. I’ve been taking advantage of home delivery (Ocado) for some time now and I absolutely love it, it saves me time, money and energy.

Overcoming emotional eating is also more of a transition, than a drastic change. By introducing more raw veggies and fruits into your diet and avoiding processed food wherever possible you will still be able to eat a lot. You will also begin to realize that there are so many different types of food that are not only healthy but very tasty as well!

If I could summarize this post I would say this…The best way to create real lasting change in your life is to get out of your comfort zone. You NEED to feel uncomfortable to know that positive change is taking place. Yes, you might feel hungry, no doubt you will have cravings and you might hear your stomach making some funny sounds! But if this starts to happen you can adapt your new eating habits to suit YOU, for example by adding more green vegetables to your meals to combat the hunger. All of this is completely normal when starting out, so don’t panic and think “I can’t do this! You CAN! As your body starts getting use to new foods, your brain will do the same. Your comfort zone will expand and THAT’S how you will create a change, which will last.

It doesn’t have to be boring, filled with frustration and you certainly don’t have to starve yourself! If you don’t know much about healthy living and diet do some research. I recommend you check out Kris Carr- she is amazing! Visit your local vegan/vegetarian restaurants. Talk to some of your friends who are already eating healthily and enjoying it. Ask them how they started and don’t be afraid to tell them your concerns and how you feel about starting out. Just because they are very healthy and slim now, doesn’t mean they were always like it! Trust me, the vast majority of people who decided to be “healthy freaks”, some time ago were exactly where you are now or possibly in an even worse situation. So stop feeling sorry for yourself AND TAKE ACTION!

If you want to find out more or simply want some advice about how to get started on your own personal journey to real lasting change, then why not get in touch and let’s have a chat! I’m always here to help, and before you know it, you will be on the road to happier, healthier new YOU!

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